Buy Maine Coon Cats

There is no doubt that the maine coon cats are favorite pets for many families in London. And why not,these cats are very friendly and safe for kids. They get attached to the family with their adorable behavior. They are calm and wise. They learn quickly and do not create much mess like other pets. If you want to have a good pet, then this is one a great option for you. You can get it from one of the best maine coon breeders based on London. You can have a well trained cat at a reasonable price.

These are the best options for the people who are going to have a pet for the first time. These cats are not aggressive at all.

Good for gifting

If you have a friend or a relative who loves cats then,you can gift him/her a kitten on his birthday or any special occasion. They will really be thankful to you for their lifetime for giving them such a thoughtful gift.

Identify a maine coon

It is easy to identify a real maine coon. First of all, look for the size as the maine coon cats are the largest cats. The adult male cat weighs around 20-25 pounds while females area round 10-15 pounds. Males are 10 to 16 inches tall and females are 8 to 14 inches. Both the types of maine coon cats are near about 40 inches long. So, you must take a measuring tape with you when you go for buying this pet cat.