What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having An Argentine Dogo

Like any dog breed, Dogo Argentino breed also possesses some good and not so good features. This can be classified as their strength and weaknesses. Learning about them will help you train your dog effectively.

Strong zones of Dogo Argentino

Here is a list that shows the strengths of Dogo Argentino:

  • Powerful
  • Graceful
  • Fearless
  • Sensitive
  • Vivacious on outside
  • Calminside
  • Athletic appearance
  • High stamina
  • Needs less maintenance
  • Friendly
  • Vigilant Guardian

Areas of attention of Dogo Argentino

Below list shows areas of improvement in Dogo Argentino:

  • Aggression due to which this dog can’t be kept with other dogs
  • Needs a lot of pampering and close attention
  • Has a strong prey drive, so they shouldn’t be kept with other animals like cats.
  • Requires a lot of physical activity to maintain his incredible muscle structure
  • Dogo Argentino needs a lot of mental exercises to satiate his need to hunt and work.

You can train him by a Dogo Argentino training expert to improvise his weaker areas and strengthen positive ones.

Consider this dog breed if you want one who

  • Has a large, muscular, and athletic body
  • Easy to care
  • Short, and white coat
  • Has a steady, impressive and dignified presence
  • Protective and alert nature

Do not consider the breed if you can’t deal with

  • Vigorous exercise needs
  • Disorderliness
  • Exuberant jumping at young age
  • Destructiveness tendencies when not exercised or got bored
  • Aggression toward other animals
  • Strong-willed mind that needs an assured owner who has the ability to take charge Slobbering

Conclusion:  Once you know about his traits, you can make a decision whether to take him or not or the type of training methodology to perform.