Tips For Grooming A Sheepadoodle

Dogs are the best companion of human beings and their love is beyond limits. If you own a sheepadoodle,you are a very lucky owner as these dogs are very smart and extremely cute to look at. They do not smell and love children as well. Many people have a myth that sheepadoodle puppies bark a lot but this is not the case. Training them is not difficult as they love their masters and are known as social dogs. Grooming these puppies is very important if you want to maintain their soft fur and their cute look.

Some tips on sheepadoodle coat care –

Sheepdog style coats – sheepdog coats are very long and have a double layered coating which requires daily brushing and regular haircut. These types of coats are very soft but they tangle very much. If you decide to own a dog with this style of coat, you have to brush their hairs daily with the medium or large pin combs to avoid further tangles.

Poodle style coats – poodle style coats are short and curly. These coats do not require daily brushing or maintenance. You can brush their hairs 2 times per week with the pin brush so that their coat does not get frizzy. You can use good quality dog shampoo to maintain the smoothness of their hair and use it once every week.

Mix coats – mix coat is a combination of sheepdog and poodle. In this category, you have to brush few times a week with pin brushes. This is to prevent their hair shed all over the place at your home